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Foods of Athenry
Foods of Athenry Re-brand

Re-brands rarely entail starting from scratch. Even when an existing range is badly designed, there’s usually equity – a recognisable feature like a colour that can be, or should be, retained. Unusually, the old packaging for Foods of Athenry featured plenty of good design; some charming illustrations, some engaging typography and a feel that was quite contemporary. What it lacked was coherence and strong brand cues. So, when we redesigned their product range of dozens of cookies, cereals, cakes and bars, our main job was to create a consistent structure that would give the brand presence and personality on-shelf. The redesigned FOA logo was placed in a consistent position and size and we made great use of the purple brand colour. The new range is now instantly recognisable.

Inishella for BWG

When BWG bought Heaney Meats in Galway, they inherited a rather un-loved retail meats brand called Glenmor. Glenmor was already selling into BWG stores so, as new owners, BWG took the opportunity to refresh the brand. We developed the new name, logo and look and feel. At the start of the project we identified two of the mistakes Glenmor had made. One, there was no brand colour. Two, the overprint area which covered a third of the label had been left white. These two mistakes meant Glenmor had no brand presence or personality on shelf. Just fixing these two mistakes made a huge difference. Our in-store 3D visuals are a great tool for pre-visualising the appearance of stock on shelf. Our after launch photography proves how effective the new brand is. 

John Stone Beef